‘No Mosi, Castle in your bodies’ as prices go up

‘No Mosi, Castle in your bodies’ as prices go up

The Price of Mosi and Castle Lager has gone up.
The recommended Retail Price for the two brands of clear beer has been adjusted upwards from 4200 Kwacha to 4500 Kwacha per 375 milliliters.

Zambian Breweries Plc has attributed this to the increase in inflation.

Zambian Breweries Corporate Specialist, Japhet Banda, has said in a statement to ZNBC news that the price adjustments are effective from Monday 12th March 2012.

In the same statement Mr Banda also announced the reduction in the price of Chibuku, the opaque beer.

He says the price of Chibuku has been slashed from 2800 to 2300 Kwacha per unit.

Mr Banda says the nationwide reduction of Chibuku prices follows a successful festive season promotion that was conducted in Lusaka.

He has also announced the increase in the average cost of Maheu by nine percent.

The Zambian currency has continously been depreciating against major currencies since the PF government took over the reigns of power.

There has also been a general increase in the prices of essential commodities resulting in an out cry by civil servants and private sector employees for salary increments.

But the PF government has threatened to dismiss all the civil servants demanding for a living wage and replace them with PF cadres.

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