Most newly ‘recruited’ teachers won’t be on pay roll

Out of the 5,000 recruited teachers as widely covered in state media, only about 450 shall be put on the pay roll while others will have to depend on funding from the respective school boards and PTA committees for their salaries before being put on the pay roll, because government has no money.

Sources from both the ministries of finance and education have told the Watchdog that instructions have been given to District Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) countrywide to try and convince the boards and PTA committees to pay the teachers.

“There is actually no money, only about 450 corruptly selected teachers shall be put on pay roll and most of these have connections to politicians, the rest will be delayed and the boards and PTA have been directed to pay them,” said the education ministry source, while his finance ministry had this to say:

“There is no money to pay these teachers, treasury has no money besides we have many retirees specifically from Education ministry who we have to pay. So far only less than 500 shall be put on pay roll in accordance with the Payment Control systems which demand that an officer be put in the system just upon assuming the office”.

He further said that the 450 whose names shall be put into the system have been taken on as replacement to the deceased, and that it was easier to have them on the roll because there was already a payment code that was in place.

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