Most Zambians don’t trust courts – report

THE 2014 AFRO-Barometer report has indicated that 30 percent of Zambians perceive the judiciary as being corrupt and are withdrawing trust in the institution.
The survey that was conducted in collaboration with RuralNet Association also says that there was a slight decline in the percentage of Zambians who trust the judiciary from 62 percent in 2012, to 59 in 2014.
Making a presentation on behalf of the two organisations in Lusaka yesterday, Doris Musonda said that few Zambians had contact with the courts of law.
“People do not take their cases to court because majority of them think that it is costly. Many of them think that lawyers are expensive and the court costs are expensive,’’ she said.
Ms Musonda said the survey revealed that some eople did not have faith in the Judiciary because they did not expect fair judgment.
She said the number of people who thought that the courts could make fair decisions had declined.
“Only 50 percent of people in urban areas trust the Judiciary, while 65 percent of people in the rural area trust the Judiciary,” Ms Musonda said.
She said the study further revealed that 64 percent of males had trust in the Judiciary as compared to 54 females.
Ms Musonda said it was also found that men knew more about the operations of the Judiciary than women.

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