Mother died after hearing that son was serving as wife to another man – Court told

A magistrate’s court yesterday heard that the two men suspected to be in a homosexual relationship have been cohabiting for some time.
Henry Shazala, the police officer who received the complaint against the two, testified that while on duty on April 25, this year, he received a report from Sharon Mubiana who said she had heard reports that her younger brother, Philip was staying with another man and acting as a ‘wife’.
Kabwe Principal Resident Magistrate John Mbuzi, sitting in Kapiri Mposhi, is presiding over the case involving James Mwape, who is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of Philip Mubiana against the order of nature between April 11 and April 27, this year.
Mr Shazala said Philip Mubiana’s sister Sharon reported that she had heard her brother say that he had been having sex “acting as a woman” with Mwape and that this annoyed her.
He said the complainant further said she ended up developing hypertension together with her mother who later died following reports that Philip was behaving like a woman.
The prosecution is led by Susan Mwakalombe, Joshua Phiri and Charity Munyonga while the two accused persons are being represented by Sunday Nkonde from SBN practitioners.
Mr Shazala said as Sharon with other people apprehended the two suspects, a Mr Wakumelo attempted to speak to them inside the house and upon hearing his voice, Philip accused him of “admiring” his alleged husband James.
The witness said Philip told Mr Wakumelo that if he was interested, he could open the door for him so that he could also have his turn.
Mr Shazala said before recording the statement in the occurrence book, he had chance to interview the two suspects.
He narrated that he asked Philip if he was married to James but he did not respond.
When he asked James, Philip interjected and asked his co-accused to respond and tell the truth that they were married and that their relationship spanned a long time.
Trial continues on July 18 and 19, this year.

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