My mother is a different Matildah Mutale – Sata’s daughter

My mother is a different Matildah Mutale – Sata’s daughter

President Michael Sata’s daughter Stella says her mother is a different Matildah Mutale.

Stellah told the Watchdog that there are two women by that name in PF.
This is what she said word for word:

Thank you for your questions. I believe you have most of the information that you asked, because my age and my school and what I am doing are on my website and on the story you posted.

I will only speak about Question 6 and 7.

Matildah Mutale the current treasurer of the ruling party PF Lusaka province committee is NOT my mother. She has never worked at Parliament and I am told she is from Matero.

My mother is also Matildah Mutale and can be differentiated as Matildah Macarius Mutale, she is the former Deputy Chief Accountant of Parliament and the woman who stood on the Patriotic Front seat in Malole constituency in both 2001 and 2006. In 2006, her election was dubiously given to independent (yet allegedly sponsored by the MMD government) Emmanuel Munaile and her appeal case was dismissed on technicalities.

When the PF spokesperson responded to your post, they were not wrong in saying Matildah Mutale (the treasurer) had no relations or children with my dad but they should have been clear that there are two Matildah Mutale’s in the Patriotic Front and this would have dealt with any misconceptions.

I believe that for two people to have children, they should have a relationship. On issues of legality and marriage, I will give you the liberty to carry out your own research or go and ask them because they are both still alive.

Take care and God bless you.

Stella Sata was responding to the following questions put forward to her by ZWD:

Stella Sata

Stella Sata

1 How old are you?
2 What do you do, attending school or working?
3 Is president Michael Sata your biological father?
4 Do you stay at State House?
5 What is your mother’s name and where does she stay?
6 Is Matildah Mutale the current treasurer for the ruling party PF Lusaka province committee your mother?
7 If she is not, then tell us more about your mother, her current occupation, where she has worked before etc…
8 Were your parents ever married?
9 Does your mother have other children with your father?
10 Anything more you would like to tell the country?

Sorry Stella for mixing the persons but certainly with two women bearing the same name it should be understandable that we got it slightly wrong. Sorry.
On the other hand, the Watchdog maintains that Sata has a sexual relationship with the other Matildah Mutale the current treasurer of the PF Lusaka district.
In fact, the information we have is that Sata has about 20 children from about 14 different women some related to each other. That is how morally upright our head of state is. We shall list some of them here in the next few days.

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