Motorist who led to killing of ZAF officer is a cop

Motorist who led to killing of ZAF officer is a cop

17343021_1451618584888887_5723193080421924909_nDetails have emerged that the other motorist who was involved in a minor traffic accident with murdered ZAF soldier Mark Choongwa is actually a cop stationed at Nyumba Yanga police post.

And police officers last night attempted to steal the body of flight sergeant Mark Choongwa from the UTH mortuary with a view to conduct their own fake post-mortem.

But the attempt by cops to steal the body was thwarted by ZAF officers and relatives who went and transferred the body to Maina Soko military hospital.

According to police sources, the ZAF soldier scratched a car that was being driven by the cop. Upon realising that the person who scratched his car was a soldier, the policeman phoned his colleagues from Nyumba Yanga. When cops from Nyamba Yanga arrived, they manhandled the soldier and decided to take him to Woodlands police station where more cops joined in the beating.

‘I think there were 8 cops who started beating him right at the counter before pushing him the cells,’ a source explained.

According to sources close the to case, when they pushed him into the holding cells, a female police officer told detainees to ‘finish him’. The police were heard yelling that these soldiers like showing off so ‘we shall teach you a lesson’.

According to eyewitness, the soldier was actually apologetic from the beginning and never resisted until when they started beating him.  The source said, if the soldier wanted a fight, he could have called in his friends especially that he had soldiers under him.

A police source said the cops stole the soldier’s money and shoes.

Police boss Kanganja says he has established a commission inquiry into the cause of death.

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