Mount Meru case fails to take off

The case in which Mount Meru Petroleum managers Shuklar Malavu and Vicent Simpla are jointly charged with Zambia Bureau of Standards Laboratory Analyst Andrew Basil for forgery, uttering and conspiracy failed to take off and was adjourned to 8th April, 2014 because the magistrate handling the matter is reportedly out of the country.

The trio were arrested and are appearing for having falsified the results for the condemned Mount Meru fuel which has so far damaged several engines for people’s motor vehicles.

Meanwhile, a senior employee at Mount Meru has revealed that there have been numerous complaints from customers concerning the contamination of fuel sold to them from their service stations around the country.

He revealed that Mount Meru’s unprecedented growth of retail outlets throughout Zambia is anchored on the principle of selling contaminated fuel to its unsuspecting customers.

“They are stealing money from Zambian motorists through the sale of contaminated fuels and using it to open more outlets.

I challenge you to do you own survey on customers that have been buying Mount Meru contaminated fuels, they will tell you about numerous complaints such as piston rings being eaten up, engine damage or under-performance especially when going uphill, high fuel consumption in the long run, production of white smoke, damage to fuel filters, problems with injector pumps, etc.” He said that these complaints have been there for a while and almost everyone at Mount Meru is aware.

Meanwhile, Police sources revealed that during investigations, Vincent Simpila one of the accused and a worker of Mount Meru confessed that the act of selling contaminated fuels at the company has been going on for a very long time and each time a customer took a complaint to them, they have been organizing forged documents from Zambia Bureau of Standards and customers have just been going away in frustration until now when they have been caught.

In Tanzania the company was penalized in 2008 after they filled in the president’s motorcade their fuel and all cars could not move.

Even their cooking oil is a health hazard. In 2010, Arusha Municipal Council ordered that their plant manufacturing ‘Sunola’ and ‘Goldy’ brands of cooking oils be shut down because Mount Meru’s sister company Mount Meru Millers kept breaching the same regulations it was censored for back in 2006.

Their production methods were clouding the whole Themi-Hills area with dark, overpowering fumes of Carbon Monoxide from its giant boilers while at the same time gushing murky waters from its drainage pipes. These cooking oil brands are produced under extremely filthy conditions.

Mount Meru has actually been smuggling this cooking oil produced from the filthy factory into Zambia while pretending that they are manufacturing it at their plant in Kabangwe area.

In a related development, two vehicles that refueled at Mount Meru Service Station along Lumumba Road near Family 24 were drained after the owners complained of fuel contamination. One of the owners works for a construction company.

Mount Meru plant in Kabangwe area along Kabwe Road where the company claimed to have been manufacturing its cooking oil when in the actual sense it was smuggling them from Tanzania

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