Move on, Speaker tells PF MPs


Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has advised PF members of parliament to move on from the UPND boycott of Edgar Lungu’s address.

Ruling on a point of order raised by Chitambo PF MP Remember Mutale on the same topic,  Matibini told the MPs to move on from the incident and allow him a chance to digest all the points of order which were raised yesterday.

The entire PF is in national mourning over the UPND MPs to stay away from Lungu’ s address.

What has infuriated the PF more is the fact that whatever chuff  Lungu said had been ignored as people and the international media are more interested in the boycott.

Matibini refered the matter to a committee comprising of PF MPs. But PF MPs have already agreed  to suspend UPND MPs for a year.

By referring the matter to a committee made up of PF MPs, Matibini is just trying to protect his name from this matter which will certainly backfire in future.

UPND MPs are advised not to give in to intimidation. Don’t attend the next one as well. Let the PF expel you and pass whatever legislation they want. Time to account will certainly come.

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