Move to amputate Chirundu on as part of plot to make Chieftainess Nkomenshya paramount chief

Move to amputate Chirundu on as part of plot to make  Chieftainess Nkomenshya paramount chief

Despite the southern province chiefs rejecting the re-alignment of Chirundu to Lusaka province, the PF government is going ahead with the move. Tempers are high in Chirundu

New information has emerged that the push to amputate Chirundu is being driven by Chieftainess Nkomenshya’s plan to be paramount chief.

The provincial administration in Livingstone met last week and officials were told that there is pressure from government to speedy up the amputation of Chirundu to Lusaka.

Most of the provincial officials are not in support of the idea and they immediately informed chiefs and headmen of the latest push.

This prompted an emergency meeting of all headmen from chief Chipepo in Gwembe valley and chief Sikoongo. The emotionally charged meeting was held on Wednesday at the Lutheran Wesleyan  Church in Chirundu.

In resolutions passed to government, the headmen warned the PF government not to try to displace them again like they were displaced by the colonial government to construct the Kariba dam.

The traditional leaders advised the PF regime not to test their patience and vowed not to cooperate.

They headmen also demanded that the Chiasamu war inquiry report hidden by the UNIP government be released.

The Chisamu war was the bloody resistance by the Gwembe Tonga and Kore Kore peoples to be displaced by the colonial government to construct the Kariba Dam on their land.  The coming of the dam was a death blow to their communities and culture. They had lived for centuries in the Gwembe Valley along the northern and southern banks of the Zambezi River. But in 1958, this wide valley turned from river to reservoir. Whole villages were flooded, displacing 57,000 indigenous people. Affected communities were given little information about the dam and no choice but to move. Some displaced communities resisted resettlement, but were defeated by colonial authorities in a short battle known as the Chisamu War. Villages were burned so the people could not return.

The headmen who met last week warned the PF government that they have tested displacement before and would not want to go through it again

The headmen also are requesting for a meeting with chiefs in the region to help them maintain their status quo.

The desire to move Chirundu to Lusaka has many dark motives by the PF regime but the latest one is driven by chieftainess Nkomensha’s appetite to become paramount chief.

Sata, Nkomenshya and Masebo

Chieftainess Nkomenshya will soon be declared paramount chief by President Michael Sata, according to information made available to the Watchdog.

But the plan cannot take off just now because Nkomenshya’s ‘kingdom’ is very small so a scheme has been hatched for President Michael Sata to help her expand it before she can be made paramount chief.

But Nkomenshya is desperate and pushing too hard and wants the project completed before there could be an political hiccups.

According the map she has given Sata, Nkomesha sees her ‘kingdom’ spanning the entire Lusaka province starting from Luangwa River in the east, Chirundu at the border with Zimbabwe, Chikankata area in Southern province, Mwembeshi area in Mumbwa district and somewhere in Chibombo as you go to Kabwe.

Though President Michael Sata has created a number of new districts in most parts of the country, a close examination reveals that Lusaka province has received more than any other province and they are in line with chiftainess Nkomeshya’s empire.

Just a few weeks ago, Sata created two districts Rufunsa in Lusaka and Sibuyunji in Central Province. But a day later, he moved Sibuyuni from Central to Lusaka province.

The plan is eventually to move new Chikankata district which was cut from Mazabuka to Lusaka as well but here they are treading carefully.

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