Mozambique soldiers harassing Zambians

Security concerns have arisen in Chieftainess Mwanjawanthu’s area in Petauke District as suspected Security men from a named neighbouring state are allegedly harassing people in the area.

Chieftainess Mwanjawanthu told ZANIS in an interview t her palace yesterday that her subjects were being harassed and threatened by armed security men manning the border.

She said that the situation is likekly going to culminate into security tension between Zambia and the nmed country if an amicable solutions are not found.

The traditional ruler explained that Zambians who have migrated into the neighbouring country are trying to bring their relatives but are facing resistance in that named country.

The poor soils in Mwanjawanthu area have caused many small scale farmers to migrate to the neighbouring county.

Meanwhile, Border Farmers Association Chairperson Andrew Kamanga said government should put stringent measures to deter people from smuggling goods to either of the two countries.

Mr. Kamanga said there was need to control the border which is so porous so as to maintain the peace that exists between the two countries.

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