MP Howard Kunda says Mkaika is sweet victory

It’s a sweet victory. I wish to congratulate the entire MMD leadership of the eastern province  and the people of Mkaika Constituency for yet another show down to this PF government that does not want to learn from the way the MMD Government was running this country. The people of Zambia want better Agriculture, Mining, Health, Education policies, etc.

I said it in Chipata and I will say it again that this PF Government should not take people for granted.
The people are tired of being lied to by the PF.

The next election will be the same. Petauke, Malambo and Mulobezi here we come.

This is a lesson to this PF Government that they are on their way out. It is also a lesson to my fellow MPs who would want to join the failing Government that people should not be taken for granted.

We the MMD youths are saying that enough is enough to be cheated by the PF. The PF  members are very violent, the people of Zambia are peaceful and are saying no to this PF by voting for the opposition.

It is therefore timely to declare that we are bouncing back to power come 2016 and we will win any other Election that will be called with landslide victories.



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