MP Kambwili trying to grab land from Chingola churches

MP Kambwili trying to grab land from Chingola churches

Foreign Affairs minister Chishimba Kambwili is reportedly trying to grab land from two churches in Chingola.

The two plots Kabwili and his elder brother are trying to grab belong to the United Church of Zambia and Seventh dayAdventistChurch.

According to documents available, the plots were given to the churches by the Chingola Municipal council.

The churches are in Musenga area 10km from Town.

The UCZ was given the plot in 1995, while SDA was given in 2005.

But minister Kambili and his brother have started the process to grab the land saying it belongs to their late uncle a Mr. Lumbwe.

The Kambwilis claim that the land between the two churches is theirs and that the churches encroached on their land so they want them out.

The Kambwili seem to be basing their claim to the land on the fact that they were brought up by their uncle after being salvaged from somewhere in the Copperbelt villages when they were very young. The two brothers grew up on that land.

But further information shows that while the land in between truly belonged to a Mr. Lumbwe, his biological children sold it to another pastor.

One of the biological children who is said to have sold the land is doctor Lumbwe, a medical doctor at UTH.

When the farm plot was sold, Kambwili’s elder brother was forced to relocate toChikolaTownship.

But the moment Kambwili became minister, he and his brother launched the bid to get the land.

The Kambwilis claim that before their uncle died, he applied for an extension to his land to include the land on which the churches are.

But the two churches decided to ask the biological son Dr. Lumbwe who told them that he only had title deeds for the plot in-between but said he has given it to the person who bought the land.

But the Kambwilis are not concerned about the title deeds. They have already told the director of engineering at the council and sent a surveyor and an agriculture officer to cut the land for from the two churches. The churches are said to have been left with very little plots.

The two churches approached the director of engineering but he told them that the land belongs to the minister’s family.

But some of the papers the churches have were signed by the same director of engineering.

The churches now plan to go to court because even their plea for help from area MP Paul Katema did not help.

MP Katema tried to resolve the matter with the council and made sure the churches got papers from the lands commissioner.

But the Kambwilis are not to be deterred.

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