MP Kunda surprised that PF is grading off existing roads in stead making new ones

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me to air my views on the issues surrounding the road works that this PF Government is undertaking around the country.

The PF Government has failed to deliver on the many promises that they promised the Zambian people because they have no sense of priority.
I was giving them a plus for continuing with the MMD’s formula 1 Roads projects which they are now calling link zambia 8000 project, but now this PF Government instead of making new roads in residential areas were we have gravel roads, they are busy grading off the roads that are already tared. For example, the road called Ndibu drive in Ndola’s Kansenshi area. The road was just ok, but it has been graded at the expense of the many roads in Ndola that are bad.

This Government is failing to distinguish between what’s a good and bad road.
Our hard earned money from the taxes that we pay is being wasted by this Government for its wrong priorities.

The experts are not being given space to do their expert work and so they are leaving it to the president to do.
These are the results of taking RDA to State House.
The president does not move on our roads. He moves with a chopper, how than is he going to know the state of our roads in the country?
The experts need to be given chance to do their work.

I am therefore advising this Government to take back RDA to the Ministry of works where it belongs.

Hon. Howard Kunda MP

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