MP Mukata sentenced to death

MP Mukata sentenced to death

The Lusaka High Court has convicted and sentenced Chilanga member of parliament Keith Mukata to death by hanging for the murder of his security guard.

His lover and co-accused Charmaine Musonda has been acquitted.

Mr. Mukata and his co- accused Charmian Musonda were accused of having killed a security guard Namakambwa Kalilakwenda.

The state argued that Mr. Mukata was in possession of a gun showing that he might have shot the suspect.

High court Judge Susan Wanjelani was told that circumstantial evidence showed that Mr. Mukata might have committed the offence.

The state further argued that both Mr. Mukata and his co-accused were at the crime scene and some witness testified that they head the gun shots at the accused Law Firm.

On Mr. Mukata’s co- accused Musonda , the state had urged the judge to use the evidence before the court since she opted to remain silent.

Mr. Mukata had argued that he should be freed because the state failed to prove the allegation beyond any reasonable doubt.

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