MP Mulusa: Emancipation is not without casualties

By Lucky Mulusa, MP

I have been receiving several messages of solidarity regarding the Mutembo Nchito fiasco and the possibility that Parliament will discipline me. I have also received messages in which some people are concerned for my safety. I remain unfazed for I am alive to the proven historical fact that the struggle for the emancipation against evil is never and will never be without risk and sacrifice. I am encouraged by the verses and prayers I am receiving from God fearing Zambians. The following verses are particularly strengthening and reassuring: Psalm 91; Isaiah 61, Exodus 6:1-8 and many others. I seek solace under the shadow of the Lord. So fear is not part of me and will never be.

I wish to remind everybody that there is only one mother Zambia available to us – we need to guard her jealously. I also wish to assure you that there is no punishment nor pain either Parliament or any court of law can impose or inflict on me regarding this matter, which can be more profound than the damage the people of Zambia individually and collectively will suffer as a result of Mutembo Nchito’s continued abuse of our justice system to emancipate himself and his acquaintances from his and their past mistakes.

It is strange how in trying to be orderly and fair, society’s laws, policies and procedures become so vulnerable to wrong doers. While wrong doers follow no laid down procedures in breaking the Law, or policies and procedures, it is again strange that those who should provide intervention are bogged down by the bureaucracy of the right channels and procedures that must be followed. In our case, acquaintances of wrong doers have been strategically placed at every corner to frustrate intervention. The spirit is to protect the rights of wrong doers. This does not only give massive advantage to wrong doers, but it encourages wrong doing on a constant basis.

In Zambia the insatiable appetite to do wrong is amazing. Our complicity to that is also shocking. I cannot believe that we can allow a situation where the three arms of government meant to provide an environment of separation of power and in the process provide an opportunity for checks and balances can be occupied by people linked to one another in one way or another. If correcting the situation is a risky affair, then, I, Lucky Mabenga Mulusa, representative of the people of Solwezi Central, and all the right thinking Zambians, will willingly take that risk on behalf of the down trodden.

I cannot believe the extent to which we have destroyed and mismanaged our economic, political, and electoral systems initially meant to be means to attain broadly based economic and human development through good governance. The enemy has studied these systems, not to better them, but to look for weaknesses that can be exploited for individualistic needs. During elections, political parties do not study the best way to use the electoral process, but rather the best way to defeat it. When in power, parties in government do not study the economic systems in order to better them, but to find personal economic opportunities.

For me and I know for every right thinking Zambian, there has to be a stop to this strange phenomenon in our beloved mother Zambia.

Lucky Mulusa, MP.

Solwezi Central Constituency.

April, 2013.

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