‘MP Mulusa is lying, we had no meallie meal left in Shoprite Solwezi by 17 hrs’

Dear editor,

Please find me a space on our lovely site the Zambia watchdog which digs deeper to air my complaint such that the people of Solwezi and Zambia at large know the behaviour of a disguised MP Mr Lucky Mulusa yesterday at Shoprite Solwezi.

Please hide my identity. We received 400 bags of 25kg maize mealie meal from National Milling around 8:45 am and started selling to customers at 12:59hrs after the police officers came to control and help out to give mealie meal to customers.

Out of 400 bags, we reserved 47 bags for the staff who were still working to buy later. Around 17:14 pm we had sold out all the 353 bags to customers according to the printed report from the system which was given to the police for verification except the 47 bags reserved for the staff.

Mulusa came around 17:25pm with camera’s from a local TV station and forced himself into the stock room and captured bags of flour thinking as it was mealie meal and went live on TV station telling the entire solwezi that we held more than 200 bags to sell to black marketers at night.

(1) Mulusa expressed ignorance, though he’s trying to gain political mileage for nothing.

(2) I challenge him to go to the police and demand the invoice, the receipt which will convince foolish Mulusa that by 17:14 pm we only had 47 bags in the store not more than 200 as he foolishly claimed.

The man he was accusing Mapiki is very innocent.

Please let people see how finished Mulusa is trying hard to win favors from the Pathetic Fools Government (PF)

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