MP Mulusa says MMD readies to protect Mkaika vote from PF theft

Lucky Mulusa, MP

It is 05:00 am and the MMD team has just concluded an uneasy last pre-election night’s rest. We are getting ready for a rigorous and detailed programme to protect our share of the votes in a vulnerable one man one vote electoral practice. We concluded yesterday’s work with a detailed analysis of every piece of information picked up regarding the PF’s strategy and electoral malpractices and the likely impact thereof.

The PF has proved to be a very determined and cunning group in every by election and the Mkaika one especially means a lot to the party. Strangely, the usual lethal campaign machinery led by Jean Kapata is not involved. Secondly, the PF are now a divided house and one faction – the GBM one is in charge here. This is not good for the opposite side, us, because the battle earns a do or die sense of purpose which means extra work for us as we are up against a grouping who are as resolved as the Talibans. The PF want to win this election at all costs.

Although the Kabimba PF faction is not involved in this election, a loss will deal an end to Kabimba’s misplaced but ambitious “Majority Rule Through By Election Programme”.  Against this back ground, the PF have resorted to their usual tricks: vote buying; intimidation; violence; use of government transport; and post campaign period distribution of money and campaign material.

The vote buying and intimidation is in form of collecting voters’ cards, noting down the details in full view of the voter thereby scaring them off that voting otherwise would be noticed. Would be voters have been readily receiving everything the PF team is dishing out. A check on the impact of this produced an uneasy assurance from the voters. The voters assured us that, they would receive money from the PF because it is public funds and therefore it is their money. Campaign material especially in form of chitenge is always popular with women and would therefore be welcome.

The voters assured us that there is absolutely no way they can give PF victory in this election. This is the message we got everywhere we went and our last rallies yesterday which were addressed by our party president, Dr Mumba, were very successful. Should the PF win therefore, the One Man One Vote Electoral System will be a failed instrument in Zambia. It is vulnerable. It is administered by an electoral body that lacks capacity to police participants. It’s only tool of ensuring compliance are sensitisation media programmes – not an adequate tool to achieve deterrence.

Meanwhile, as news filtered through that Dora had won the her legal battle, a new sense of victory was felt throughout Mkaika and people irked for a good fight against the PF in Petauka.

Final verdict: MMD’s win here will be better than in Chipata. The electoral system has been battered.

Lucky Mulusa, MP.

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