MP Mulusa to be suspended for exposing DPP Nchito

MP Mulusa to be suspended for exposing DPP Nchito

Solwezi central MP Lucky Mulusa will be suspended from parliament once it resumes sitting, the Watchdog has been informed by sources  close to Speaker Patrick Matibini.

MP Mulusa wil be suspended and possibly slapped with other charges for revealing that Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)  Mutembo Nchito lied to the parliamentary select committee which recommended him for ratification.

Lucky Mulusa who was the chairperson for that parliamentary committee has also demanded that Nchito should resign.

Mulusa, in his letter to Nchito, also copied to President Sata, Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini, Attorney –General Mumba Malila and Director of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Rosewin Wandi, said he would also seek guidance from the Speaker on how to proceed should Nchito fail to exculpate  himself.

Mulusa said that  after watching Nchito’s conduct over the few months he had occupied the office of DPP, he had come to the conclusion that his disposition was driven by a desire to emancipate himself and settle personal scores.

‘…Should your response fail to satisfy me that you did not deliberately mislead the committee, I will have no option but to seek the Speakers guidance on how Parliament should proceed with this serious misdemeanor on your part,” said Mulusa.

But the Watchdog has been informed that it is Mulusa who will be sorted out. Sources at parliament have revealed that Speaker Matibini, Nchito and Fred M’membe have already devised a way to deal with Mulusa.

According to sources, Mulusa will be charged with contempt of parliament by divulging parliamentary privileged  information to outsiders.

Matibini is a former partner with Nchito in a law firm while Nchito and M’emembe are business partners and were running an airline called Zambian Airways when they were controlling another president Levy Mwanawasa. Matibini is a former lawyer for Post newspapers owned by M’membe.

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