MP Mungomba says Mpulungu is lagging behind

Recently elected Mpulungu member of parliament Given Mung’omba has said
that providing residents with clean, safe drinking water and a good
road network will be his first point of action as he enters office.

Mung’omba was speaking when he addressed heads of government
departments during a meeting held at Mbita Rest House.

He said being an indigenous resident of Mpulungu, he had felt and
appreciated the complaints of the locals on the poor water supply the
district experiences, despite Mpulungu being endowed with a mass of
water in Lake Tanganyika.

” in fact, I have been telling people that they must stop addressing
me as Honourable, I have said please just call me Mr. Water because we
need to handle this water problem in this area once and for all,”
Mung’omba stated.

He said the water problem was being tacked with urgency, adding that a
high level committee has since been instituted to look into the water
problem in Mpulungu.

Mung’omba added that a lot of work needed to be done to provide piped
water to residents because boleholes were not an effective source of

”There is also need to ensure a good road network for effective
development to take place,” Mung’omba said.

On general development in Mpulungu, Mungo’mba said the area was in
arrears in terms of development and there was need to work harder to
reverse the status quo.

He noted that the area had a lot of tourism potential that if invested
in, could bring benefits to the masses and the national economy.

Mung’omba also revealed that Walamo community radio station, earmarked
to be the first radio station to be operated in Mpulungu will be
operational by the end of January, 2011.

Mung’omba, who is the main sponsor of the radio station said
technicians were already on the ground working on the project.

He called on the people of Mpulungu to support his efforts and
leadership even if they didn’t vote for him and forge ahead in
development as a united people.

Speaking during the same meeting, district commissioner Willie
Simfukwe said the issue of water was everybody’s concern.

” its true indeed that the road network also needs attention
especially now that the economy is ticking and civil servants are
buying cars that need to be driven on good roads,” simfukwe said.

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