MP Mwale orders police to arrest competitor

MP Mwale orders police to arrest competitor


Police in Lusaka have Arrested and detained a Chipangali PF member Maxson Nkhoma following orders from his Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale who fears that he may challenge him in 2021 polls.

Max Nkhoma took himself after a phone call from the police commissioner. He appeared at Police force headquarters at exactly 10hrs in the company of counterpart honorable Shumba Kennedy Councilor for Chipangali and six other PF party officials from Chipangali District.

Upon arrival he was directed to go to room 45 for questioning which lasted for about 3 hours and was later detained at 13:45hrs. He is currently detained in the Police Cells at RidgeWay Police holding cells.

He is charged with two counts. In the first count he is alleged to have defamed his MP Vincent Mwale Chipangali MP.
It is explained in the first count that, he Max Nkhoma between January and February 2020 appearing on Prime TV stated that Vincent Mwale had caused serious confusion in the ruling Patriotic Front in Chipangali district after migrating from MMD.

In the second count, Max Nkhoma is alleged to have defamed Vincent Mwale Chipangali MP through an audio in which Max was lamenting on issues sorrounding Eastern province chiefs and was later found posted in the PF internal blogs in Eastern Province.

Max ihopes that the courts will be professional in handling the said charges because they were merely politically motivated charges

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