MP Mwimbu shocked by inflated cost of toll gate

MP Mwimbu shocked by inflated cost of toll gate

*The cost of the Ndola Toll Plaza at US 4.3 million is way too much*

Edgar Lungu commissioned the Ndola Toll Plaza which reportedly cost the taxpayers US $4.3 million which is about K51 million in our currency at the current exchange rates.

We find this figure highly inflated like many other government projects which are corruptly acquired amounting to daylight robbery of public resources.

Our quick investigations indicates that South Africa has been constructing highly modernised Toll Plazas at the cost of US500,000 only. So what’s so special for our Toll Plazas to cost such an enormous amount of money?

Even if they are trying to perfect the art of looting public resources, this is way too much and reckless, especially amidst the claimed austerity measures under the economy melt down.

We find it unbelievable and unjustified that PF can spend K51 million just to construct those pillars no matter what is fitted there.

A quick look at this year’s budget lines to ministries and government departments indicates that Ministry of Religious Affairs has been allocated K18,958,732, Ministry of Labour has been allocated K36,761,343, Public Service Management Division (PSMD) has been allocated K43,840,823, Local Government Service Commission barely K9.8 million for the whole year and it’s the same with many others yet one Toll Plaza costs us K51 million just to be burdening citizens with more taxes.

The PF must have the conscious and care for the people even in stealing.

*Jackie Mwiimbu*

*Leader of the opposition in Parliament and Monze Central MP*

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  • comment-avatar
    paul 6 days ago

    Daylight robbery. Winangu azalila come 2021. Lock them up and retrieve oue monies. Its like these days anything goes with impunity.

  • comment-avatar
    D. Mbala 1 week ago

    When it comes to stealing,they do it in secret. When people find out and riot, they say it’s a named opposition leader. Keep living in denial, Zambians though cowards but are not fools.

  • comment-avatar
    WILLIAM BANDA 1 week ago

    Iwe ka scare crow you remember when we roughed you up and you urinated in your pants remember the days of vigilante under kaunda kikikikiki fuck you infact i brush my teeth using charcoal embers kakakakaka

  • comment-avatar
    Chibale Luapula 1 week ago

    My Lord please save this country from these shameless thieves.

  • comment-avatar
    scare crow 1 week ago

    in the picture is that a scare crow or a crocodile , kikiki those dirty teeth ohh i remember its this ka mother fucker called willam banda with dirty dick

  • comment-avatar
    Musumali Liyunga 1 week ago

    Remember also the fact that Paya Farmer (PF) is here to mop money from the economy for themselves. After all the current click now running PF are from Nyansaland.