MP reports Zambezi council workers to ACC

MP reports Zambezi council workers to ACC

Zambezi East MP Brian Kambita has reported Zambezi Town Council workers to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for abusing constituency development funds.

The MP believes that council workers corruptly awarded contracts to their friends and were involved in fraudulent procurement of construction materials for CDF for the year 2017.

In a statement, MP Kambita said ‘as UPND, and in line with the strong beliefs by our party leadership, we believe that no single ngwee of the CDF should be lost through thieving council workers.

He said The entire 2018 CDF shall remain intact until the 2017 CDF is fully accounted for and audited.

‘We want the law to take it’s cause on this matter, and we call on the ACC to speedily investigate this matter so that our people do not suffer unnecessarily at the hands of a few council employees,’ he said.

The MP complained that North Western Province is one of the least developed places in the country despite the vast mineral wealth it contributes to the national treasury.

‘Hence any small amounts of money allocated must be prudently utilized for the benefit of our people instead of a few greedy corrupt council officials,’ the UPND MP said.

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