MP Zulu rubbishes ACC

MP Zulu rubbishes ACC

Indeed the state is now useless


The Anti-Corruption Commission today summoned Lumezi lawmaker Munir Zulu for him to avail information and substantiate his allegations that he has publicly made in the recent past which border on bringing the reputation of the Commission into disrepute.
Mr. Zulu was given an opportunity by the Commission to provide specific information of his allegations made in some sections of the media that he has bribed ACC officers before. This was with a view to enable the Commission institute investigations into the allegations.

The Commission is utterly disappointed with the behaviour of Mr. Zulu who after being given an opportunity to officially lodge his complaints, stormed out of the Commission offices in the company of his lawyers without courtesy. Further, the Commission is saddened by sentiments uttered by Mr. Zulu alleging that the institution wants to arrest him and inject him with a foreign substance in order to eliminate him. These allegations are baseless and unfounded.
The Commission is concerned with Mr. Zulu’s continuous media attacks on the integrity and professional conduct of the officers and the institution on allegations which he has failed to substantiate. The Commission wishes to remind Mr. Zulu that ACC is an important governance agency of the State and it will continue to discharge its functions as mandated by law.
It is unfortunate that Mr. Zulu has continued to rush to media houses to seek attention and discredit hard working officers and the reputation of the Commission.
Queen K. Chibwe (Mrs)

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    Kalok 3 days ago

    These men with kitchen towels on their heads… awe shuwa.

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    Whn an MP stands up to speak in parliament, their speech has to be factual. What should parliament do to one of its members who says that he has paid bribes to law enforcement officers?

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    HH Azinama 3 days ago

    ACC is trying too hard to  clean its rotten hangover image from the previous government. You’ll end up pursuing dogs ngati si muli careful. When are we going to see dissolving of boards and positions uko, by the way? 

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    His Master's Voice 4 days ago

    Ever heard of parliamentary privilege?
    It means that what is said in the national assembly is privileged and that ACC is wasting its time pursuing Zulu

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    Wanzelu 4 days ago

    Munir Bin Laden

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    Citi 4 days ago

    It is clear Munir Zulu is trying to ran away from his own issues. He’s accusing the authorities of all sorts of falsehoods which he can’t substantiate, and he’s also trying to hang on to the Tribal card. Unfortunately, non of these schemes will hold. Let him just excalpate himself, or else, boma will teach the young man a few lessons…