Mpenzeni: I can never endorse Sata

Paramount Chief Mpenzeni says he cannot endorse PF leader Michael Sata for the Zambian presidency.

The traditional leader who met Sata at his royal residence yesterday said it is important for the people of Zambia to know that the PF leader Michael Sata was not endorsed in the meeting held yesterday.

“I did not endorse Sata in the meeting we had yesterday, I only enlightened the problems this country is facing with regards to governance issues and these problems need to be addressed so urgently by any listening government,” said Mpezeni.

He was speaking at his palace Sunday. He was responding to reports in some media suggesting that he has endorsed Sata and Lameck Mangani

He said it is wrong for some political players to suggest that chief Mpezeni has endorsed Sata for president ahead of this year’s general elections.

Mpezeni said political players in the country should realize that Zambia is more important than them and their aspirations He said as a traditional leader he embraces all Zambians and will receive and hold meetings with any political player who needs his guidance.

And paramount chief Mpezeni says high poverty levels and any other social under-development must be taken seriously by all political players as the campaigns ahead of this year’s election progress.

He said it is disappointing to note that since independence, Zambia and Eastern province in particular has been lagging behind in infrastructure and social economic developments.

“I feel sad that my people can still struggle to have access to quality health care, education and better roads, the road that you used are not done despite making so many reminders to those in authority. And it is a challenge to all those who want to become presidents of this country to have an open eye and ear to see and listen to the people,” he said.

He said campaigns of name calling and insults should not be tolerated and would do everything to campaign against such individuals and their party in his chiefdom.

“The politicians must know that people will not eat and live on their insults and disrespect for each other, what the people of Zambia want now is a kind of a leader who will address their problems, a kind of the leader who will discuss their problems not these insults we have seen,” said Mpezeni.


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