Mpezeni back at State house to backbite chief Nzamane

President Michael Sata says he has not made any statement over former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity because it would be prejudicial.

Mr Sata says there would be no justice for Mr Banda if he as President made a statement over his immunity .

Mr Sata said this at State House on Monday morning when Paramount Chief Mpezeni and chief Mazdimawe of the Ngoni people called on him.

Paramount chief Mpezeni says he had brought with him Chief Mazdimawe to state house to reconcile with President Sata.

Chief Mazdimawe was named as one of the Ngoni chiefs challenging Paramount Mpezeni’s statement that former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity should be lifted.

But Paramount Chief Mpezeni clarified to President Sata that it was Chief Nzamane and not chief Mazdimawe who was involved in quarrels with him.

And President Sata says government will protect Paramount chief Mpezeni against any threats.

Mr Sata says it is government duty to safe guard the interest of all traditional leaders.

He says Paramount Chief Mpezeni was entitled to voice out his opinion on Mr Banda’s immunity.

Meanwhile, Chief Madzimawe told President Sata that traditional leaders will work with government of the day and also compliment the state in delivering services to the people.


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