Mpika Clergyman predicts food shortages

By Ernest Mwape in Mpika-Zambia will experience a serious food shortage because the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has failed to buy most of the maize from Small Scale Farmers (SSF), a Clergyman has predicated.

FRA board chair Cstain Chilala

FRA board chair Cstain Chilala

Delivering a sermon during the cerebration of the Assumption of Mary on the Catholic Liturgical calendar at Icengelo Catholic Church in Mpika last Sunday, Father Joseph Besa said the food security was under threat in the ountry because of Congolese buying maize from SSF.

Father Besa accused government of frustrating farmers in the country by purchasing little maize from them.

He claimed that the hunger situation would worsen because buying of maize by FRA had had been disastrous this year.

He observed that the decision to buy maize from few farmers only had forced many of them to resort to selling their produce to private buyers.

He said most farmers were compelled to sell off their produce at give away price because of being under pressure if they could not start preparing for the next farming season now while others were desperate to dispatch their children back to school.

He said it was saddening to note that although farmers in the country had doubled their efforts by producing more maize, they were being frustrated because FRA could not meet their demand.

The Clergyman warned MMD leadership that Zambians would not take them kindly should people die of starvation because there was abundant maize, which if properly stocked, could last for the next two to three years.

“If anyone dies of starvation in this country Zambians will not take MMD government kindly because we have abundant maize crop which can last for next two to three years,” warned Father Besa.

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