Mpika MP upset with Mpika district hospital

Mpika Central Member of Parliament Mwansa Kapeya was recently disappointed with the Mpika district hospital over its decision to crowd patients with different sicknesses in the same  ward and has directed that alternative rooms be found.

And patients at the district hospital are eating single meal in a day due to inadequate funding from government.

This came to light when patients complained to Kapeya during his visit of the hospital on Christmas day that people suffering from different ailments were being grouped in the same ward.

Kapeya was accompanied by Mpika district PF women chairperson Mary Chifuna, Mpika Central Constituency Chairperson Loveness Kampamba Nkole and Musakanya Ward Councillor Christine Chewe.

Kapeya who could not hide his displeasure took the district health management board director Doctor Isaac Mulenga to task.

The area MP said he could not understand as to why medical staff could encourage patients suffering from different diseases should share a room when certain diseases were contagious.

“As a layman I can not believe that people suffering from communicable diseases are sharing the same ward instead of separating them. Is the hospital not promoting the spread of diseases?” the visibly disturbed Kapeya argued.

However, Dr Mulenga told the MP that the administration had been forced to accommodate surgical and medical patients in the same ward because of the renovation works currently taking place at the old wing which houses medical wards.

He explained that the hospital had to mix patients because there were no other rooms where medical patients could be accommodated at the institution.

The hospital has now remained with four wards including children, maternity, female and male. The male and female wards at the new wing are accommodating various illnesses ranging from communicable diseases and accident victims, with medical cases on one side and surgical on the other side, but are separated by a passage.

Doctor Mulenga who could not state as to when renovation works shall complete said the hospital administration found it necessary to shift patients because of the poor state of the two wards at the old wing.

The doctor who claimed that the provincial administration was aware of the obtaining situation at the health institution added that hadn’t donors withheld funding to the ministry of health, renovation works could have been completed a long time ago.

“Had donors not withheld the money, rehabilitation of the two wards could have been completed by now,” Dr. Mulenga said.

He however added that rehabilitation works were being expected to be completed before the end of 2010.

But area MP insisted that the health administration should find an alternative building where medical patients could be accommodated than crowding them in the same room as it was health hazard.

Doctor Mulenga disclosed that patients at the institution were eating one meal a day due to reduction in funding from government.

He said the reduction in funding had adversely affected operations at the hospital because the little money the district was receiving was being shared among the two hospitals and health centres in the area.

Kapeya presented Christmas gifts to patients and the five newly born babies at Mpika and Chilonga Mission hospitals.

The district hospital recorded four Christmas babies, three baby boys and one girl, while Chilonga recorded a baby boy named Emmanuel.

Kapeya advised patients and those looking after the sick to look up to God because to him nothing was difficult.

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