Mpika patient sees his coffin before he dies

The manufacturer sees me, but the consumer doesn’t see me. What am I?

It is a coffin! Of course, it is. Because the carpenter sees it, but the dead who is the final consumer doesn’t see it despite using it.

However, this actuality was recently proved wrong when a sick man of Ndakala village in Chief Luchembe’s area in Mpika took a glance at a coffin that he was to use just few hours before his death.

This might look like an imaginary tale, but the bizarre story had happened anyway.

According to the deceased relative, his grandfather had just arrived in Shangai section of the TAZARA Township from Ndakala village to deliver the message that their relative was very sick and doubted if he had not died at the time he was talking to them.

He requested his grand son to quickly organise for a coffin and a motor vehicle to deliver it to the village.

Immediately the coffin was made, they loaded it onto the vehicle that was on standy and rushed to Ndakala.

Upon entering the house while carrying a coffin, they were surprised because the person they thought had died was actually alive.

They hurriedly took the coffin outside the house to avoid the sick person from sighting it, but it was too late because he saw the coffin whilst it was being placed on the floor.

However, hours later the man gave up his ghost and was buried in the same coffin that he had seen.

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