Mpika residents riled by pathetic ZNBC services

The unexplained continuous programme blackouts on the MMD controlled broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) has riled its audience in Mpika who have now resorted to tuning to foreign radio and television stations for current affairs.
     Scores of radio listeners and television viewers complained over the delay to rectify the fault when they were being asked to television fee.
    “We can not understand as to why ZNBC management has remained quiet over the matter,”  said one angry resident.
     Both radio and television signals went off air in Mpika last Monday causing residents to panic that something might have happened in the country.
     Ever since ZNBC signals went off air, most residents in the area were depending on Muvi television programmes which only last for few hours from 1800 to 20:00 hours, while others that have installed free to air satellite dish at their homes watch foreign news.
     They said each time they switched on their television sets they were always being greeted by the phrase “bad signal on their screens”. The bad signal phrase is also appearing on television screens that are connected to free to air satellite dish.
     According to sources at ZNBC studios in Lusaka, there is a technical fault on the satellite through which the national broadcaster beams its radio and television programmes.

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