Mpika Zain dealer loses K95m

By Ernest Mwape-Police in Mpika have picked up three workers of a Zain dealer in connection with the disappearance of K95 million, the Watchdog has been told.

Mpika Busines Centre and General Dealers (MDCGD) Director Samuel Sichula said in an interview Tuesday morning that the money was stolen between April and August this year.

Sichula, a Zain products distributor in Mpika Zone  said his firm has 16 workers and that one of them is currently on the run.

‘ I became suspicious after noticing that my business was going down,” he said and explained that before conducting an audit of the firm, he asked for computer printouts for the months of July and August from Zain Kasama office but the Kasama office refused to give him the printouts so he requested Zain  headquarters in Lusaka.

He said the printouts from Lusaka revealed some anomalies prompting him to conduct an audit covering a period of April to August this year.

Sichula who is popularity known as Uncle Sam in Mpika is also the vice-treasurer for the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) in Mpika district.

He disclosed that the supervisor and two sales assistants were arrested last evening while one sales assistants has gone into hiding.

He said the supervisor was covering up for the sales assistants saying even when there were shortfall in daily sales, the books will indicate that everything was okay.

In terms of distribution coverage, Mpika which Sichula ‘controls’  stretches from Mununga in the south to Shiwa in the north and Mukungule in the west and Chambeshi in the East of Mpika.

Sichula revealed that operations have negatively been affected as his firm was no longer able to order direct from Zain but from other distributors.

Police inn Mpika confirmed that they have picked up the three suspects yesterday and that they have launched a man hunt for the fourth one

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