Mpombo eludes police


Police have not yet arrested former Defence Minister George Mpombo despite a court issuing a bench warrant two weeks ago.

This is in a matter where Mpombo is charged with theft by public servant, forgery and uttering a false document involving K18 million. He is said to have commiited the offence while serving as defence minister.

Even before being appointed deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mpombo was already arrested and attending trial. But after being appointed, he stopped gpoing to court prompting the court to issue an arrest warranty on 25 March 2013.

Mpombo has since been fired from his job as deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria for unknown reasons.

The court had expected the police to capture Mpombo and take him to court yesterday, April 8, 2013.

But the police said they could not find him anywhere in Zambia.

The police told the court that they suspect Mpombo had not yet returned from Nigeria so have asked the ministry of foreign affairs to locate him.

But Mpombo is said to have phoned the parallel government at Bwinjimfumu and told them that he was still packing in Nigeria. He said he will hand himself to the police once he lands.

Magistrate Banda adjourned the matter to May 21, 2013 so that the police can bring the accused to court.

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