Mpombo goes for presidency, says PF is gargantuan resounding failure

GEORGE Mpombo has declared interest to run for president in the 2016 elections and has since appointed an exploratory committee to go round the country.
In an interview, Mpombo, a former defence minister and immediate former deputy High Commissioner for Zambia in Nigeria, said he would bring to the office of the president vast leadership experience.
“Being a former diplomat, I have an answer on how to repair Zambia’s seriously damaged foreign policy with countries like Nigeria. Right now I feel the PF is seriously veering from its manifesto and we are seeing incessant political somersault which has seriously eroded the party’s popularity,” he said. Mpombo said the PF had been a gargantuan resounding failure because of leadership failure.
He said the PF was the people’s hope but that “the party has now turned itself into a source of despondence”.
“The PF has suppressed the growth of democracy because what we are seeing is a culture of arrogance and impunity. There is no respect for human rights for example, the rights of assembly. This is a barometer of democratic dispensation in a country. The Zambian government must create room for activity of other political players in the country. The PF is behaving as if they have drunk a poisoned chalice. Where has the heart for humility for the people gone to?” Mpombo wondered.
He said he had the capacity to take back the country to its original democratic path.
He said once elected president, he would promote the spirit of constructive engagement with the Church leadership and civil society organisations.
“The people’s power is like raging water which removes any obstruction on its way,” he said.
Mpombo said his presidential ambitions were not for personal aggrandizement but for the love of the country.
He said he wanted to uproot the country from its deep-seated political and economic malaise.
Asked why he did not join an existing political party, Mpombo said: “Once the report from the committee comes, my role will be to sit with my colleagues in opposition to share with me the need for political cohesion and unity of purpose.”
He said in every situation where people were divided, the intentions and results were usually negative.
“Splitting hairs will have a colossal blunder of major proportions because no one can achieve anything by going it alone,” Mpombo said.
When asked if his intentions to have political ambitions were not as a result of bitterness after being recalled from foreign service, he said he expected to be recalled because of his yet to be released book, which he said had touched on important issues of governance.
“Some of the contents of the book were at variance with the PF’s policies. I am not bitter with the dismissal. I was going to ask for a transfer at some point because of security concerns arising from my national assignment,” said Mpombo.
Source: Post newspaper

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