Former defence minister Mpombo jailed

Former defence minister Mpombo jailed

Former Defence Minister George Mpombo has been convicted for theft and forgery and has since been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour. Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda passed the sentence this afternoon.

Magistrate Banda observed that the prosecution (State) had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mpombo committed the Acts.

Before being sentenced, Mpombo told journalists that “I am full of gusto despite the raging storms.”

Mpombo was accused of having altered receipts claiming that he had incurred some  hotel expenses when retiring imprest when in fact not. More details about the Judgement later.

Mpombo was arrested in the Rupiah Banda admnistration but his cases stalled when the PF won elections since he had defected to PF.

A few months ago, Mpombo ditched PF after being fired from diplomatic services. He formed his own political party and became a critic of the PF.


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