Mpombo loses defamation case to James Banda

Former Kafulafuta MP George Mpombo has lost the case in which president Banda’s son James sued him fopr defamation.

James sued George Mpombo following the running stories Mpombo gave to the media that James Banda and his father President Banda tried to procure arms worth US$100 million from South Africa using corrupt methods.

Mpombo failed to defend himself and did not even appear in court.

The High court on Tuesday entered default judgmene agains t Mpombo was expected to calcultae how much money Mpombo should pay James Banda.

In the claims filed in the Lusaka High Court, James Banda saidMpombos allegations had injured his credibility and reputation when he is neither a civil servant nor a politician but just the Presidents son.

James Banda explained that apart from the various articles in the Post newspaper, Mpombo went on Muvi Television where he maliciously issued false, disparaging, and defamatory statements attacking his reputation and businesses.

He said on April 19, 2011, Mpombo again falsely and maliciously repeated the same words in the Post, claiming that had the arms deal gone through, James Banda would have received 10 percent of the total transaction value as a kickback.

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