Pardoned criminal Mpombo praises his saviour Lungu

Pardoned criminal Mpombo praises his saviour  Lungu

Mpombo in prison before he was pardoned

Mpombo in prison before he was pardoned

Pardoned criminal George Mpombo says President Edgar Lungu has a heart for all the Zambians and wants the best for Zambia.

Mpombo was jailed for theft of public resources when he served as minister of defense. He was arrested by the government of Rupiah Banda for forgery, uttering false documents to steal money. He was convicted in 2014 but soon after becoming president, Edgar Lungu retrieved him from prison through a presidential pardon.

Mpombo was joined by another pardoned criminal Steven Masumba at the same platform in Kalumbila District with President Lungu to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate in the September 24, Solwezi West by-elections.

The ex-convict expressed his admiration at the president who saved him from jail.

Mpombo claimed that Lungu has achieved a lot far in terms of fostering development to different parts of the country.

Mpombo who served in government under the MMD where he stole public resources, claimed that President Lungu had managed to turn around the economic fortunes of North Western Province in the time that he had been in office.

“President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated that he has the passion for this province, he wants to get this province out of abuse and underdevelopment, and he has the capacity to do that.

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