Mpombo reacts to his being taken to police over arms deal claim

GEORGE Mpombo says he is rolling up his sleeves for a fight following the decision by defence minister Dr Kalombo Mwansa’s to report him to the police over his recent revelations on the arms scam.

Reacting to Dr Mwansa’s statement that the government had reported him to the police after his disclosure that he resigned as defence minister following pressure from President Rupiah Banda to into into a questionable arms deal, Mpombo questioned Dr Mwansa’s reasoning.

“Reading through the story it’s clear that the Minister of Defence, Dr Kalombo Mwansa, has taken leave from his senses. He told the nation that this deal did not exist, so how does he report me over the deal that never existed in the first place?”

Mpombo asked. “As a minister of defence I reported directly to the Commander-in-Chief. I reported directly to the President and not his sons. The President as Commander-in-Chief always directed and gave instructions on all matters affecting the ministry.”

Mpombo said no minister could leave the country with a ministry delegation without the full blessing and approval of the President.

“Regarding the threats of prosecution, I am ready and rolling up my sleeves for that fight. A piece of advice to honourable Kalombo Mwansa; that he should not be trigger happy to be used as a doormat by President Rupiah Banda and his plundering cubs, utwana twa nkalamu,” Mpombo said.

“He should know that the people of Zambia are not prepared, will not allow political and economic balkanisation by Rupiah Banda and Sons Incorporated.”\

Mpombo said Dr Mwansa was weaving a web of lies and clear deception, and would find it hard to extricate himself from the implications of what he termed his irresponsible behaviour.

He said it was sad that a man of Dr Mwansa’s education background had allowed himself to be used as President Banda’s poodle.

Mpombo said President Banda’s three years of reckless political and economic prodigality was under microscopic scrutiny by the Zambian people.
“I am beginning to wonder, did President Obama go to the same Harvard that Dr Mwansa went to?” Mpombo asked.

“In fact the challenge is General Emmanuel Chapewa who was our defence attache’ and who was part of the delegation has since retired and back in Zambia. Why don’t they ask him? And also my ADC (aide de camp), Warrant Officer Moya, also accompanied us to South Africa. And the Ministry of Defence organised tickets. We didn’t go on bicycles.”
Mpombo said when he returned from South Africa, he went to brief the President on the trip at State House.

“I hope when police summon me they will also extend a polite invitation to His Excellency. In fact these chaps I want to warn them that they are opening up a Pandora box from which snakes, headless chickens will jump out and embarrass the President further,” Mpombo said.

“And on Mr Ben Mwila, the former defence minister, tell him that he left a lot of skeletons in the wardrobe. Him and Gen Shikapwasha have a responsibility and duty to the Zambian people. What happened to our defence equipment we sent to Israel in 1993? They have not yet returned to Zambia.”

Mpombo said the Zambia Democratic Focus president Ben Mwila was a beneficiary of President Banda over the Mumbwa road rehabilitation tender which he said was single-sourced.

On assertions that he had violated the oath of office, Mpombo said the oath of office was not about protecting criminality, neither was it there to promote kleptocracy.

He said the oath of office was there for the orderly functioning of government.
“The whole thing was packaged to promote corruption because Dr Mwansa does not even know what we discussed with the President before I left.

From their desperate reaction, one can easily tell that the Rupiah Banda regime is in a serious cul-de-sac. It is like they say have reached a dead end. You cannot come out. You are fixed,” said Mpombo.

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