Mpombo says he will challenge president Banda

GEORGE Mpombo has declared that he will challenge Presi-dent Rupiah Banda for the MMD presidency at the party’s convention.

And Mpombo has said some MMD members have a satanic agenda against him, according to the Post.

In an interview in Mpo-ngwe on Friday, Mpombo, who is Kafulafuta member of parliament, said he would ensure that he “makes mincemeat” out of President Banda at the MMD convention.

It is nonsense to say that Rupiah Banda cannot be challenged. This is a democratic nation; it is not a one-party state. I am the only one who can challenge ba-Banda and I will give him a good run for his money, he said.

Asked if he was not afraid of being beaten by MMD cadres when he goes to the convention, Mpombo said he was free to attend the convention because he was an MMD member and that if he were beaten, the MMD would just expose themselves.

Mpombo said MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu was just politicising issues and that he (Mpombo) was going to attend the convention whether Nyangu liked it or not.

Rupiah Banda has come to vandalise the constitution and I want to put a stop to it. So I am challenging him at the convention, he said.

And Mpombo said it was madness for MMD to think that he would campaign for them in the Mutaba ward by-election in Kafulafuta.

He said the Mutaba by-election came about to weaken him.

What MMD has for me is a satanic agenda and I have put my foot down. I will make sure they are beaten in Mutaba ward. I will go there to find out what is happening and what I am saying is that MMD is losing that seat,” said Mpombo

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