Mpombo says RB has no leadership qualities

President Rupiah Banda

President Rupiah Banda

Kafulafuta MP George Mpombo says MMD acting president Rupiah Banda should not be allowed to contest the 2011 elections as ‘acting presidential candidate.’

Mpombo, who escaped lynching by thugs Sunday evening has also asked president Banda not introduce dictatorship in the MMD saying the party was founded on democratic principles.

He said the people who harassed him on Sunday were MMD cadres sent by president Banda.

He said the event demonstrates how president Banda wanted to cling on to power.

Mpombo said president Banda does not posses the kind of leadership qualities that the country currently needs.

He said he will continue asking the MMD to go for a convention to elect new party leaders.

And the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia has expressed concern over the continued unsafe working environment of the media in the country especially during press conferences on controversial political issues.

MISA Zambia Chairperson Henry Kabwe in a statement released to QFM described as regrettable yesterday’s incident’s where recorders from various media houses were confiscated by organized hooligans during the Press Freedom Committee of the Post’s Newsmakers’ Forum, addressed by former defence minister George Mpombo at Lusaka Play House.
Mr Kabwe said the seizing of the recorders by the unlawful group of people masquerading as cadres of a named political party, a day after independence is very disturbing.
He said it was regrettable that the incident is the second one in a row involving controversial political issues, with the other one involving Namwala Member of Parliament Major Robbie Chizhyuka’s press beefing at ZAMCOM Lodge.
Mr Kabwe urged government and the police to address the problem urgently before lives are lost or serious are recorded.
He added that Zambia is a Democratic state in which citizens have a right to enjoy their constitutionally provided freedom which include freedom of expression and their right to access information.
Mr Kabwe says it is saddening that 45 years after independence, serious and subtle forms of opposition and control on freedom of expression and the media are showing their ugly heads at regular intervals.
He said MISA Zambia is fearful that if the trend continues, Zambia’s democracy will digress and the true meaning of independence will be lost.

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