Mpombo seeks reconciliation

By Times Reporter

KAFULAFUTA Member of Parliament(MP) George Mpombo has called for reconciliation in the MMD in readiness for 2011 elections.
Mr Mpombo said in Ndola yesterday that time to quarrel should now be over and that there was need for the leaders in the party to take a reconciliatory path in readiness for the 2011 tripartite elections.
But MMD deputy national secretary Jeff Kaande said the party had never differed with Mr Mpombo and that it was his statements that portrayed a picture that there were differences between him and the MMD.
He said time had come for the healing process to commence and give another chance to the members in the spirit of charting the way forward.
Mr Mpombo, who recently has been issuing statements against the party and its leadership, said the mistakes had been made but that now was the time to sit down and find the way forward for the party.
He said people like MMD chairperson for elections, Mike Mulongoti should by now know that time was running out before the 2011 elections and should be the one to promote reconciliation in the party.
“Mistakes have been made, differences have been there but time has now come for us to sit down and chart the way forward for the party,” said Mr Mpombo who declared himself ready for reconciliation if called upon.
Mr Mpombo wondered where the party trustees were to help reconcile the MMD members whenever differences arose.
He said the MMD was still a strong party and that the party leadership would make history to hold a reconciliatory meeting at which the party would be put together before 2011.
But Mr Kaande said no specific person in the party had differed with Mr Mpombo and advised him to instead take a reconciliatory path before it was too late.

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