Mpombo should be ashamed of himself

Former Defence minister but now a convicted criminal George Mpombo should be ashamed of himself.

When Mpombo was arrested in 2010, he tried to blame former president Rupiah Banda of manufacturing charges against him. Mpombo was arrested for forgery, uttering false documents (using forged documents to defraud) and theft of public funds.

When he was minister Mpombo, like any other government official, was given money to use for a specific purpose but he was required to return the money that he did not use. This is standard procedure in government. You retire imprest.

But Mpombo did not return the money. Instead he started forging hotel documents to show that he spent the money. This is very shameful to Mpombo himself as an old man and embarrassing to his family.

But what is so disgusting is Mpombo’s lack of remorse at his shameful conduct. If the previous government falsely accused Mpombo, the PF regime that he loves so dearly would have saved him. Since Mpombo went through the legal process controlled by his party PF, we can safely say he received a fair trial and the result is acceptable. No sane person can buy the crap that Mpombo is being jailed because he is an opposition leader.

What Mpombo did is the same if not worse than what former ZAF commander did. They both stole from government. It is therefore surprising that some self-appointed high priests of morality are condemning General Sakala but glorifying Mpombo.

It could be, and we take note that Mpombo is actually a scared person but trying to show that he is brave by issuing all sorts of senseless statements.

But we find it disgusting that a person who was once a senior government official and actually once acted, as president cannot see anything wrong with stealing public money.

It is simply sickening to hear Mpombo compare himself to Madiba, when he Mpombo is simply a petty thief.

What kind of man is this who, after stealing from the poor, can even mock the prison service?

How can Mpombo say he wants to be employed by the prison service to teach in prison when he is a prisoner? Is that how low he thinks of the prison service?

We hope the judiciary has taken note of Mpombo’s lack of remorse and will give him a longer and more severe sentence when he appeals to the High Court. It seems Mpombo loves to be in jail and the High Court should grant his wish. Given his unrepentant attitude, Mpombo does not even deserve bail if he decides to appeal. Let him stay in jail so that he can keep his friends as he calls them company.

What Mpombo is doing is actually laughing and showing disdain at the prison service and the judiciary at large.

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