Mpombo spared jail sentence

Former defense minister George Mpombo has escaped jail sentence over the ‘rubber’ cheque he issued to Terence Findlay.

Mpombo was in 2010 imprisoned by a Ndola magistrate court for bouncing a K10 million cheque. He appealed to the High Court after spending a few days in jail.

The High court made its decision Monday afternoon but just ordered Mpombo to pay K15 million.

Ndola based High Court Judge Munalula Lisimba said even if Mpombo was guilty, he will not send him to jail because he was a first offender but just fine him.

He however ordered Mpombo to pay the money by March 15, 2011.

Facts of this case are that Mpombo of number 5 Katonde Farm on December 18, 2009,  with intent to defraud issued a cheque on number 000014 to Colwyn Limited in the amount of K10 million drawn on Standard Chartered Bank account 0100120696200.

Mpombo borrowed K10 million from Clowyn Limited through its chairperson Terrence Findlay on December 11 last year and wrote a post dated cheque for December 18 the same year in the same amount.

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