Mpombo tells Sata to mind his language

People’s Democratic Party President George Mpombo has described as derogatory President Michael Sata’s remarks that people demanding the enactment of the new constitution are merely yapping.

Mr. Mpombo says President Sata should learn to use acceptable and measured language when dealing with important national issues such as the constitution.

He says such remarks are not expected to come from a Head of State, stating that such remarks amount to an attack on the Zambian people.

Mr. Mpombo says if the PF government remains stiff-necked on the constitution, the political ramifications will be too ghastly to contemplate politically.

He reminds the PF that political power is driven by the ordinary people who are bound to react in a way they deem fit when pushed around.

Speaking to QFM News in an interview, Mr Mpombo says if the Zambian people voted the MMD out of power, they can do the same to the Patriotic Front.

He states that the Patriotic Front government should publicly apologise to the Zambian people for deceiving them into voting for them on the promise of delivering a people driven constitution in 90 days.

And Mr. Mpombo says threats by President Sata on Chipata Diocese Bishop, George Lungu over his stance on the constitution is an abrogation of government’s stance on good governance.

He says the Zambian people by Constitution have the freedom to free thought and can express themselves in any way they desire.

Mr. Mpombo says it is worrying when a Head of State threatens an eminent religious figure.

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