Mpombo vows to fight his way in MMD

Former Defence Minister George Mpombo says MMD Chairman Michael Mabenga has no right to stop either him or former Finance Minister Ng’andu Magande from contesting the MMD presidency.

In a telephone interview with QFM, Mr. Mpombo says it is not possible for Mr. Mabenga to be a hindrance to interested people who want to challenge President Rupiah Banda at the MMD convention.

Mr. Mpombo says Mr. Mabenga’s statement that both him and Mr. Magande are not eligible to stand for the MMD presidency because they are not in good standing with the party is not valid.

He accuses Mr. Mabenga of taking the matter personal, doubting his utterances as to whether they have the endorsement of other party officials.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mpombo has vowed to fight his way in the party.

He reiterates that he will go ahead and challenge President Banda at the convention because the party manifesto allows him to do so.

MMD National Chairman Michael Mabenga was recently quoted as saying that Mr. Mpombo and his Chilanga counterpart Ng’andu Magande are ineligible to contest the presidency at the national convention because of their poor relations with the party leadership.

Mr. Mabenga said the constitution only allowed members in good standing with the ruling party to contest any position.

He said Mr. Mpombo and Mr. Magande, who have also gone public about their intentions to run for the party presidency, were not enjoying any constitutional powers that could guarantee their candidature after de-campaigning their own party on many instances.

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