‘Mporkoso was marred by corruption’

Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Executive Director, Bonnie Tembo, has described the just ended Mporokoso by-elections as having been not free and fair.

Mr. Tembo has further described as pathetic the less than 50 per cent voter turnout.

He charged in an interview with MUVI TV news staffer, Bangwe Naviley, who was in Mporokoso, that there was a lot of corruption among politicians during the campaigns.

He explained that some politicians were engaged in the distribution of food and money among the electorate.

Mr Tembo has therefore ruled out the respective polls being free and fair.

And Mr Tembo says he is very disappointed with the voter turnout, which was less than 50 per cent.

He has explained that there are 12,122 registered voters in Mporokoso Constituency, however only 5,614 people turned up to cast their ballots.

Mr Tembo has since attributed this to what he calls voter fatigue.


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