Mporokoso PF officials quit over MMD MPs

Mporokoso PF officials quit over MMD MPs

Mporokoso PF officials resign over MMD MP

Mporokoso Patriotic Front District officials have resigned to join Chishimba Kambwili’s Party National Democratic Congress(NDC).

The officials are protesting over the preference being given to MMD and that they are being sidelined.

President Edgar Lungu picked MMD Candidate, Brian Mundubile as preferred candidate for the PF over longtime members Former Cabinet Ministers Hon. Esther Banda, Professor Wilombe and senior members Stanslous Mulenga and Emmanuel Mulenga.

Mporokoso is also the Home village of Kambwili

The Party structures have accused Mundubile of refusing to work with them choosing to work with his former MMD members.

During the run-up to the 2016 elections, three camps emerged within the party membership ,one group supported the candidature of Brian Mundubile, the other group backed Prof. Wilombe and the other group supported the candidature of Easter Banda.

Although the party chose Esther Banda, President Lungu picked and imposed Brian Mundubile as Candidate.

Other interested candidates Stanslous Mulenga and Emmaneul Mulenga also made strong reservations over Mundubile.

But Mundubile has dismissed the the action by officials calling them disgruntled.

“I called a meeting to reconcile all involved. The gentlemen that have led the resignation stood in a fully packed meeting that i was addressing and mentioned that they would never support me.”

“They stated that they had undertaken to support the candidature of Mrs. Easter Banda and were not ready to change their positions. Being a leader I continued to engage the said officials in party programs with the hope of winning them over. “

“Recently when we were undertaking party mobilisation programs the eight officals were clearly absent. They were very open about their intention to leave the party as early as June this year.”

“Their defections do not therefore come as a surprise to me. Colleagues we are in a democratic dispensation where members will have choices.”

“As it has been in the past party membership has had different categories of members, including loyal and strong members, weak members, speculators, political traders among others.”

“The reason why even the smallest of parties manages to get members is that there are always some members who are ready to trade their loyalty with a few pieces of silver.”

“What I can assure the PF members generally is that we are equal to the task and will keep the party strong in the district despite these defections.”

“In view of the various categories of members mentioned above, the said political traders in others places may auction their loyalty like the ones in Mporokoso.”

“This will however not weaken the party as our strong officials are stead fast in mobilising the party.”

“In our campaigns we promised roads, communication towers, electricity, milling plants, bus stations, feeder roads among others.”

“Within a year of being elected we have started delivering to our people. For the first time in 50 years Mporokoso now has tarred roads, 11 additional towers are being constructed to the unserved areas and within a month they all will be working.”

“Over 30 villages are being connected with electricity as I report. 6 milling plants have so far been completed. The bus station has been completed, two feeder roads have been completed. Works on Mporokoso Kawambwa Road have commenced.”

“Works on Mporokoso Kaputa are starting in March 2018. So colleagues in terms of development we can dare anyone to come and challenge us.”

“We acknowledge the hardships that some of our members are going through. As MP, I have started a number of empowerment programs to assist our members. We are also running a number of capacity building programs for our people and shall do more.”

“The defections by our members will also be treated as feed back from our members so that we realign our programs to ensure that our strong and patriotic members remain motivated.”

“His Excellency The President Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu has promised to change our country in areas of agriculture, infrastructure, tourism and other social sectors.”

“As his Minister and MP, i shall carry out these instructions religiously. To our general membership continue believing in the party because we mean well and shall deliver to your expectation without doubt.”

“The empowerment of our membership is now our priority. We shall not kill the goose that lays the golden egg, the voter.”

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