MPs ask why govt is spending money on private wedding in Mongu

MPs ask why govt is spending money on private wedding in Mongu

mongu weding2Opposition Members of Parliament are annoyed that while nurses are striking country-wide, Government is spending huge sums of money to finance a private wedding ceremony for a 98 year old Mongu resident.

The MP’s expressed anger after their counterparts from Western Province received letters of invitation on official letterheads from provincial administration.

“Imagine this  Malupenga boy after messing up the Ministry of Information, he goes to Western Province to start financing wedding ceremonies when the Ministry of Finance is implementing wage and employment freeze. He can’t say he does not know about it because the letter of invitation is signed on his behalf”

The MP’s say they are neither against the old man remarrying nor being invited but are against the idea of the Government taking official position.

“We are not against this wedding not even being invited but why use the Office of the President? This means that it is government that if footing this bill. Where is the provincial administration getting this funding from? The simplest answer is that they are diverting some money from a certain allocation and Malupenga and his friends will benefit from this”

The Members of Parliament say the development is a clear indication that even the reported wedding of Kenneth Kaunda to Chieftainess Nkomeshya will be footed by the government.

“This is a clear indication that even the marriage between Nkomeshya and Kaunda as reported by the Watchdog will be financed from government coffers because the provincial administration can’t do this minus the President knowing. Look at the letterhead its official” one of the MP’s said.

Other information reaching the Watchdog is that this wedding of the old man is being blown out and propagated to the four corkers of the country to justify the wedding of Kaunda to chieftainess Nkomeshya.

It looks like the government and its newspapers want everyone to hear about the wedding of the old man in Mongu so that when Kaunda marries it will be business as usual.

Another MP said even if the PF government wanted to please the people of Western Province this was not the right channel.” Even if they want to please the Linyungandambo surely is this the best way?”

A 98 year old Imonda Mushiba will today November 30, 2013 re-marry an 82 year old woman at a ceremony were some sources say Western Province Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga will play the role of a best man.

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