MPs disrupt parliament with demands of constitution

Opposition MPs this afternoon disrupted the proceedings of Parliament by repeatedly shouting “Constitution” in apparent displeasure with a ruling by the Speaker Patrick Matibini after a ministerial statement on the subject by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

In his brief ministerial statement on the constitution making process following conflicting statement from President Michael Sata and his ministers, Kabimba told the house that the Final Draft Constitution was now ready for hand over to President Sata by the Constitution Technical Committee.

In his usual waffling, Kabimba told Parliament that he was liaising with President Sata on a suitable date for handover of the Final Draft Constitution.

He said the Constitution Technical Committee caused a delay in handing over the Draft Constitution by taking it to him and not the President.

But Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo rose on a point of clarification from the Justice Minister Kabimba because the answer given was not basically the same as before hence there was nothing new he was talking about.

Nkombo said the whole statement by Kabimba was just hollow and did not provide a clear answer.

But Matibini ruled that Mr. Nkombo had not asked anything hence he proceeded to other matters on the floor of the house.

On what was supposed to be time for question and oral answers from opposition MPs to government, each time Matibini called an opposition MP to ask, they all refused but just shouted “constitution”.

The opposition MPs continued shouting “constitution” forcing Matibini to abruptly adjourning accusing the opposition of not being ready for business today.

Earlier newly elected UPND Katuba MP Jonas Shakafuswa took oath amidst shouts of “aleisa aleisa” from the opposition and “bull” from the PF MPs.

In congratulating the UPND, Kabimba welcomed Mr. Shakafuswa and said he wish he will help the house in ‘slaughtering’ bills in the house.

He accused the UPND of having won the election using their usual ‘formula’ in an apparent reference to ‘mapatizya’ formula which the party uses to protect votes against rigging.

He also mocked the MMD for losing the seat to the UPND.

With the conclusion of the bye-election, it is likely pressure will again be on the constitution making process.

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