MPs higher wage salary demands confirms there is no wage freeze- Percy Chanda

The controversy surrounding our Members of Parliament demanding for increments in their gratuties and allowances should be understood in the context of the government imposed wage-freeze on public service workers.

For us in UPND, the demands by MPs means there is no wage freeze at all and they have just given a green light to public service workers to also intensify their demands for salary increments and better conditions of service.

Members of Parliament are the ones that approve the national budget, and so for them to ask for an increment means there is money for salaries not only for MPs but all public workers.

What we know is that MPs get almost the same percentage given to public workers after negotiations each year.

In view of the ‘donchi kubeba’ wage freeze, I see a situation where MPs have taken the role of Public Unions and started negotiating for all public workers.

 Whereas there may not be anything wrong for MPs to ask for wage increments, it would be wrong if only the MPs to get a salary increment and impose a wage freeze on other Public workers.

 We all know the cost of living has gone from bad to worse for everyone under the PF government, and any increments to constitutional office holders must apply to other sectors of society as well.

 Percy Chanda

Chairman Labour man for Labour and Social Security  UPND

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