To beat harsh bail conditions, MPs sign as sureties for detained journalists

Four Members of Parliament have come to the aid of the detained journalists who were given quite harsh bail conditions and offered to be sureties. The four Members of Parliament are Dr. Michael Kaingu who is also MMD Vice President Political Affairs, Levy Ngoma who is MMD Sinda Member of Parliament, Howard Kunda who is Muchinga MMD member of Parliament who is also son to late Vice President George Kunda and Chitambo MMD Member of Parliament Mushili Malama.

The four Members of Parliament personally drove to the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia offices that are situated very near to Parliament, picked up MISA Zambia Vice Chairperson Helen Mwale and later drove to the Lusaka Magistrate Courts where they presented their letters of introduction and identification from the Office of the Clerk of National Assembly as per procedure.

The MP’s told the Zambian Watchdog through their team leader Dr. Kaingu that most if not all Members of Parliament read the Zambian Watchdog and after reading the posting on the predicament of the journalists they decided to mobilise themselves and offer to help.

“You know Parliament seats in the morning on Fridays so when we came out of Parliament we read the news on the Zambian Watchdog that is how we decided to mobilise ourselves and offer to be sureties. And we were told MISA Zambia offices are very close to Parliament buildings we had no option but to help our neighbours” Dr. Kaingu said.

MISA Zambia Vice Chairperson Helen Mwale also confirmed the development. ” Yes the MP’s have come to our aid. We are just waiting for the dealing Magistrate to come out of court then our members will be released” she said.

Ms. Mwale said MISA Zambia will issue a press statement later to thank all those who have assisted in making sure that the three journalists are released.

Early this morning Lusaka Magistrate Lameck Mwale granted MacDonald Chipenzi, Richard Sakala and Simon Mwanza K 10,000 Cash bail with two working sureties who should be working for government of Quasi government institutions. The K 10,000 has also been paid to the courts.

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