Mr Lungu and his anti-Sata promises

So finally Mr Edgar Lungu, the man who claims to be an ardent student of late Michael Sata is seeung everything wrong in what Sata was doing.

Lungu was the Home Affairs Minister who sent police officers to Henry Kanyanta Sosala and now wants to recognise him without first apologising for the party’s humiliation decision. And what will Lungu’s main campaigners, Nkandu Luo now be saying? Luo is on various records even in Parliament threatening to arrest Sosala for masquerading as Chitimukulu.

And Lungu is still in government even now so why should he wait until he is president to undo the bad decisions and policies his party has been inflicting on the Zambians? Just the other day, Secretary to Cabinet Rowland Msiska was at pains defending PF cabinet decision to increase the retirement age. Was it not Sata who announced that the retirement age will be increased to 65?

And Lungu was part of that decision collectively otherwise he would have resigned on principle if he never agreed with those bad decisions by the PF and probably joined the opposition parties that have been arguing against these policies. In short Lungu does not need to be president to reverse the PF’s bad decisions. I believe Cabinet still meets even this morning and Lungu will be part of it may So why not reverse them today if he really believes they are bad policies and he means we’ll for Zambians. And where are the PF cadres that have been saying HH’S policies and promises are unrealistic within 2 years when Lungu has actually joined in saying the same if elected. This is clearly another case of donchi kubeba for sure. All these things like I will reduce the mealie meal prices and I will make Fred Mmembe pay his taxes and money he is owing Zambians please do it now. After all Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda is an ardent Lungu supporter. Please can we for once tell the truth on the things we believe in. Just a while ago, Lungu voted against the opposition private members motion brought by UPND Mazabuka Central MP Gary Nkombo on the road map for the constitution making process before 2016 so now Lungu agrees withNkombo?. Is it not clear to see that once and if elected, those around Lungu will be disappointed?  Anyway keep telling us please what else don’t you agree with the PF bad policies? Bring it on Mr . Lungu. Meanwhile your constituency is flooded due to lack of drainage.

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